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Our services are not limited to just providing you with the best in lawn care services. We can also keep your landscaping looking great.


It's Time to Mulch

Mulching enhances the beauty of your landscape. Get your season started right. Not only do we apply the mulch, but we also edge and clean out your beds. Protect your flowers, shrubs and trees with quality mulch from Indy Cutters Lawn Care Inc.


Pruning and Trimming

Give your plants, shrubs and ornamental trees a facelift. Pruning will add health and increase a plant's beauty. Pruning is the act of discarding old plant materials to allow the plant's resources to build new growth.


We'll remove the older less vibrant parts of the plant. Older stems are not able to maintain what is fed to them by the root system as well as they once could. Once these are removed the root system can more easily feed what is left of the vegetation on the plant. This results in a healthier and better looking plant.



The two primary reasons for fertilizing are to encourage growth, or to create a healthy, vigorous, attractive plant. Homeowners and property owners are typically more concerned with the long-term health and maintenance of the plant. There is often a temptation to over-fertilize in the hopes of producing an even healthier, larger or more beautiful plant. Be careful. Over-fertilizing can cause plants to grow too quickly. This can result in structural problems and predispose the plant to insect or disease.


Insect Control

Selection of pesticides for the suppression of pests on ornamental plants is extremely important since some plants are extremely sensitive to them. Keep in mind that the presence of the pest is not justification for treatment. Inspect plants to determine that the pest is beginning to cause a sufficient amount of plant damage prior to treatment.


Trust Indy Cutters Lawn Care Inc. to assist you in determining the most effective treatment plan.


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