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Mowing Services

Basic service The following services will be provided: -Grass will be cut -Edges will be trimmed -Clippings will be blown off of non-turf areas.



Periodic fertilization of an established lawn is important because it keeps the lawn looking good and reduces how much you have to water and control weed, insect, and disease pests.


Broad Leaf Weed Control

Indy Cutters Lawn Care Inc. will spot check for weeds. Once identified, we apply a treatment designed to rid your lawn of these unsightly problems before they spread through your lawn.



Aeration is a very important component in a healthy lawn. Aeration allows water, air and nutrients to reach the root system of you lawn. Additionally it also provides a means to hold new seed in place. The application of new grass seed or over seeding when those holes are new, allows a certain percentage of the seed to fall into those holes. When the lawn is irrigated either by hose or rain, water then also falls into the hole thereby giving the seed or seeds a cup of water and soil to germinate in. Over time, the “plugs” of earth that were removed from those holes begin to erode and slowly fill the holes back up, leaving the germinated seed, deeply planted and growing heartily.



Lawn overseeding is necessary in order to increase the density of turf grass. The amount of seed and concentration will vary based on the condition of the lawn. Our experts will establish what is the best blend of seed, time for application and the spread rate. Nearly all of the lawn overseeding we do is done with a mechanical slit seeding device that creates a small furrow in the existing lawn, without destroying it, and lays the seed. It is by far, in our part of the country, the best method for application of new seed to an existing lawn.


Soil Amendments

Soil amendments are materials you add to soil to improve its physical or chemical properties.  Amending soil balances its chemistry and improves its physical properties (water retention, drainage, permeability, water infiltration, aeration + structure) so plants can derive the greatest nutritional benefits.


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